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The estimating service is offered to clients and building contractors for domestic extensions, alterations to provide detailed breakdowns of costs including :-

Time allocation and targets for each element of the project

Labour costs based upon agreed hourly rates for each element of work.

Quantities and costs of materials

Overheads and profit


The practice is able to offer accurate quantifying of materials from building plans and detailed estimates for small, medium and large building projects. The service includes a summary of costs or a more detailed breakdown if requested by the client.

Previous projects have included :-

Conversion of a stone outbuilding into bed and breakfast accommodation - £227,000

Construction of two storey residential accommodation including an artist’s studio with a vaulted ceiling - £211,000

Loft conversions - £28,000 - £47,000

Single storey extensions - £21,000 - £50,000

Two storey extensions - £85,000 - £323,000

Clients find the detailed estimates useful for their own budgeting purposes in preparing for an extension or building alteration. Equally, building contractors can submit their quotations with utmost confidence to future clients.