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The Party Wall Act 1996 is a piece of legislation that requires property owners to notify their adjoining neighbours whenever they are proposing to carry out major structural work on the party wall,  along or close to the party boundary.

Typical party wall issues arise from the following :-

Installation of a steel structural beam into a party wall.

Loft conversions.

Re-roofing between semi detached or terraced properties.

Brickwork repairs to shared chimney stacks.

Extensions along or close to a party boundary line.

Deep foundations close to adjoining property.

The normal notice period for work proposed on a party wall is two months and the adjoining neighbour has 14 days to respond either agreeing or disagreeing with the proposals. If they disagee they are automatically in dispute and a Party Wall Surveyor is appointed to make the party wall award.

Our Party Wall surveying service provides clients with a fair and reasonable survey of both properties and Party Wall awards. We are also able to offer a mediation service where neighbours are deemed “in dispute” over the siting of an extension or any other party wall issues.
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